Fortitude Gym HQ offers personal training from our private gym located in Chandler, Arizona.

We are passionate about developing mental, physical, and emotional strength and improving the overall mindset and lifestyle of our clients. We’re committed to helping you become the best version of yourself.

Whether you’re looking to transform your physique, lose a few pounds, or simply improve the way you move and feel, we can help you reach your goals.


Sal Alosi has been a leader in the Strength & Conditioning field for over 20 years working in the private, collegiate, and professional settings. He has been helping Chandler residents reach their health & fitness goals since relocating to Arizona in 2021.

Prior to relocating to Arizona, coach completed a two year stop with the University of Connecticut Men’s Basketball team where he was responsible for rebuilding their performance program while focusing on the physical, nutritional, and lifestyle habits of the student-athletes.

Sal previously spent six years as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the UCLA Football program, where he helped develop 31 NFL draft picks, including six first round selections. Players consistently set personal-bests at the NFL Combine after preparing with Sal.

During his time at UCLA, Sal also developed a Performance Nutrition Program designed to support each student athlete’s training and competitive workload. He also worked alongside the Sports Medicine staff developing injury prevention and reconditioning programs.

Prior to his time in the collegiate ranks, Sal spent nine years in the NFL leading strength and conditioning programs for the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets.

At the heart of what Sal does is the desire to make a positive impact with his athletes and clients and improve their overall wellness. Sometime this is developing physical attributes for sport, other times it is diving deep into mentorship coaching and improving lifestyle habits. Sal is currently the owner, founder, and head coach at Fortitude Gym HQ in Chandler, Arizona where he continues to help motivated athletes and clients become, stronger, healthier and more powerful.e in his boutique strength training gym located in Chandler, Arizona.

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