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Our Advanced Program is designed to improve lean body mass, increase absolute strength, and develop explosive power through the utilization of Olympic Weightlifting and traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises.

The root of this program comes from the Soviet System of Periodization which manages the monthly training volume and intensities of the clean, snatch, jerk, squat, press, and posterior chain.

This program will cycle through Accumulation & Intensification Phases throughout the annual training plan. Proper management of training variables will help avoid training plateaus, create long term success, and an injury free training experience.

If you want to train like a competitive Division I athlete, this is the program for you.

*Annual Enrollment Is Now Open!

This program features:

12 Week Training Program Delivered Through TrainHeroic

Undulating Periodization Concepts alternating between 3-week accumulation and intensification mesocycles.

Warmup & Regen Built Into Each Session

3 Training Sessions / Week

Exercise Demonstration Videos

App Messaging Support


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  • Access To Olympic Weightlifting Barbell, Bumpers, and Blocks as well as Dumbbells, & Pull Up Bar.

  • Intermediate Lifter or Higher (no beginners).

  • Minimal Injury Modifications.

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