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Fat Loss

Fat Loss

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Designed for athletes / clients looking to develop strength and lean muscle mass, our Fat Loss Program uses German Body Composition (GBC) concepts with the implementation of traditional strength training movements.

Advanced utilization of Sets, Reps, Load, Tempo, & Rest Periods are designed to build muscle and enhance fat loss while alternating between Accumulation and Intensification Mesocycles.

Each program is structured into 12-week macrocycles designed to increase volume and intensity by leveraging undulating periodization. 

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This program features:

12 Week Training Program Delivered Through TrainHeroic

Undulating Periodization Concepts alternating between 3-week accumulation and intensification mesocycles.

Warmup & Regen Built Into Each Session

4 Training Sessions / Week

Exercise Demonstration Videos

App Messaging Support


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  • Access To Full Gym Equipment Including a Squat Rack, Barbell, Dumbbells, & Pull Up Bar.

  • Intermediate Lifter or Higher (no beginners).

  • Minimal Injury Modifications.

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